During breakfast this morning Sue tells us that she saw the hotel’s resident ghost wandering around the halls the previous evening; satisfied that another tourist attraction can be ticked off the list [!] we start on our final lap of the Atherton Tablelands.

With no turkeys to guide us round we got completely lost several times with lots of contradictory and misplaced signs to assist in our confusion. Yungaburra is the gateway to the Atherton Tablelands, this knowledge would have been a great help to our navigation if only we had known whether we were going in or coming out!


road signs confused rather than helped, we kept out of the discussion

After driving around for about an hour we realise we have gone around in circles and stop in Herberton for a coffee and bun break and trip to the Tourist information where there is also a mining museum. Armed with directions we hit the road again and head in the opposite direction to the one we should be going in; this is deliberate as we did things ‘upside down’ the day before and have missed a couple of places.


Marreba is the biggest town on the Tablelands and Australia’s coffee growing capital, with three coffee oficianados on board we stop off at the Coffee Works which is a combination of Café, Chocolate shop, Roastery and chocolaterie. After sampling the goods we buy a few gifts to take home.

On the right road

We spend the next hour or so passing through lots of pretty villages and towns and stop off at Wrights Lookout and finally Din Din (Barron Falls) before heading into Palm Cove where we have an apartment for the remainder of our trip.