Off to Taronaga Zoo via the ferry from Circular Quay.


Stevenson probably had the time to go round the boozers each night cos he wasn’t writing up his ruddy blog!

Everyone said “you must go to Taronga Zoo” and we did; the residents must have known we were coming because a bit like Parliament in Canberra the animals were mostly out when we passed by their cages. Mostly we saw the keepers cleaning up with the animals safely tucked away. The highlights of our visit were the Giraffes & Elephants, we thought that the rest (when we caught a glimpse of anything) was pretty mediocre.


After Taronga, back to the City for a lovely lunch on the harbour front.

The Guy on the pub crawl …whoops the guided walk of oldest pubs  showed us the location of a little museum Susannah Place and we spent an hour in there this afternoon. Located in the heart of The Rocks, Susannah Place is a terrace of four houses built by Irish immigrants in 1844. Susannah Place has survived largely unchanged through the slum clearances and redevelopments of the past century, with different rooms recreated with original fixtures and fittings. Of course to us Brits this isn’t old but nevertheless it was very interesting and lovingly recreated by the curator.

As we were leaving the museum a great storm broke out so we hot footed it back to our digs. We got a few calls from friends worried for our welfare after the ‘great storm’ – in truth, we hadn’t noticed that much.