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Previously this was grandly titled as ‘Coast to Coast 2015’, due to forseeable circumstances such as lack of planning, fitness and time, that has now been abandoned in favour of a more generic heading. We’ll try to plot some of more memorable walks as we go and try and include a map and gpx file for use later.

Chatsworth ramble 28th February 2017 (8.15 miles)


GPX file here

Quite a nice stroll with no big hills, shelter from the wind in trees and we reckon about 3 possible cafe stops en route: Chatsworth House, make sure you take your boots off!; Edonsor where there’s a cafe; the garden centre by the bridge at Beeley.



the full ‘Coast to Coast’ route as described by Alfred Wainwright


it’s always good to talk …

Summary of our 2015 Coast to Coast

[January 2016] Oh dear, it didn’t go to well for this one.

  • We hardly managed any of the Coast to Coast for a variety of reasons:
    • We weren’t fit enough, or perhaps more accurately we hadn’t acclimatised ourselves to walking for more than a few hours.
    • We adopted the approach of having one base for several sections of the route. This didn’t really work. Getting to and from the start and finish is difficult, even with two cars. It and uses up valuable walking time.
    • We lost interest in doing the route and found that we wanted to explore the Lake District and just ‘go walking’.
    • If we attempt the Coast to Coast again, we’d first make sure we were happy walking up to 18 miles a day and take packs with us having booked Youth Hostels along the way.
  • In spite of the above we found out that we loved walking and especially walking in the Lake District.
  • Safety – in 2014 there were 11 reported deaths whilst walking in the Lake District [http://www.ldsamra.org.uk/documents/LDSAMRAAnnualReport2014.pdf]. We were fairly casual in our approach to safety but did have a first aid kit, mobiles, GPS, maps and space blankets.
    • We have been surprised by the conditions we have met whilst out walking last year, with tracks disappearing and scrambling over rocks on many routes. We got lost and had to re-trace our steps several times.
    • Paul whilst scrambling down a boulder slipped and fell 10 feet landing on his head. Suddenly we had blood everywhere, no mobile reception, there’s wind, rain and no-one in sight.
      • After getting Paul back on his feet we gathered ourselves together: injuries to noses leave a lot of blood, don’t assume the worst; we had a few tea towells that mopped up the blood, take something to mop up blood or cover a wound quickly; no mobile reception, we had to sort ourselves out and get back to the car.
  • The weather didn’t put us off at all. One of the pictures shows us in the pouring rain with a howling gale and eating our sandwiches. We were warm and dry, enjoying our scoff while taking in the views! We had the right kit and almost preferred the worse conditions since less people were out.
  • We moved towards the west of the Lake District at the start of the walk and fell in love with Cockermouth, the people pubs and atmosphere [http://www.cockermouth.org.uk/index.htm]. A terrific base from which to explore the Lake District and away from all the tourist traffic. We wish Cockermouth all the best and hope you get back on your feet soon. Here is some video footage from a drone which gives you an idea of the extent of the floods.

Saint Bees Head to Cleator (8.6 miles, Asc. 2139′)

2nd May 2015, an early start one weekend enabled us to tackle the first leg and gain some confidence.



 Ennerdale Water (7 miles)

3rd May 2015Ennerdalewater