Beautiful sunny day, but Madeleine woke up with a face like a Chipmunk & feeling unwell ~ after refusing a photo opportunity we head out to find a GP; very straightforward to find in the City centre and within 10 minutes was seen and pills dispatched along with a letter to the hospital if it didn’t clear up in three days for a scan! (update day three ~ Mum don’t panic all is well & face gradually returning to normal)

Following the morning’s adventure we decide to have a leisurely lunch so hot foot it down to the Sydney Tower for a buffet lunch; the tower takes 1hour 10 minutes to rotate 360 degrees so the views are pretty good and it’s a clear day.


A small part of the Botanical Gardens is dedicated to Children in Care

With a couple of hours to fill in before our evening tour we walked up to the Botanic Gardens, which were lovely; probably some of the best views of the Harbour. A lovely sunny evening so we chill out before heading upto the Rocks for our Tour of the oldest pubs in Sydney….this holiday is beginning to have a theme!

An entertaining and enjoyable evening spent with just the two of us & Greg from Peak Tours on the Rocks Pub Walking Tour we heard about the Larrikin Gangs, the Plague, 6 O’clock Swill and other snippets about Australia in days past; Greg had worked in London & Edinburgh so lots of chat about home and OZ…excellent evening well worth it.