We spent the morning searching for more wildlife around Billabong Moon – efforts to catch perch in the lake failed miserably, however while pulling one of the lures across the lake we found a little turtle chasing madly after it. Scared of catching him on the hook we started chucking bread on the waters to attract its’ attention. Meanwhile in one of the bedrooms a scream alerted all to Madeleine’s discovery of a frog. Madeleine continued snapping at anything she saw – birds everywhere which failed to stay still for the camera.

Onto the Progresive Wine Tour

Bill and Heather (born in the bush) from Brisbane entertaining company for the 4 hours we spent being driven round 4Wineries by the guide and driver Zac from Two Fat Blokes.

We were issued with pens and paper for making notes, however, you’ll notice the notes and spellings deteorate shortly after Course 1, Madeleine’s faculties remained.

Course 1: Wynwood for Starters Madeleine: Shitake and miso soup, fig brulee and quail egg paired with Verdelho, Wynwood Chardonay and Semillion Matthew: Miso soup, prawn and plum with duck paired with verdello, Semillion, Saint Gervais.

Course 2: Wandin Valley Estate for Goats cheese balls, Veggie terrine, Mushrooms with goats cheese, pork and their Saltire Reisling.We bought a bottle of Viognier there, which we all agreed was our top wine of the tour. (from notes, Viognier a white that goes with anything; said to be a red wine drinkers white; treated like a red since it matures longer on the vine and stored in casks; up to 15% proof). Excellent talk through the wines from Kathryn.

Course 3: Two Fat Blokes for the choice of main, Madeleine had a vegetarian risotto and Matthew the lamb. Matthew had Merlot and Madeleine the Chardonnay.

Course 4: Bim Badgen for a trio of puds and a desert wine. Can’t say we were fussed about either by this stage. Still haven’t converted Madeleine into a drinker; she had a sip or two throughout the afternoon but water remains her chosen tipple!