Statistics for the driving so far:
Start odometer 24937, End Odometer 26033, KM so far 1056 (656 miles). Driving time 16:25′ Average speed 39.75 mph

You’ll notice in the pictures that the sky is now overcast, for the first time this holiday …

The Great Ocean Road


We’ve been on the Great Ocean Road since Wednesday, joining just after Warrnambool, and today we leave it at it’s official start. Stretching 151 miles from Allansford to Torquay and built between 1919 and 1932 by soldiers returning from the First World War it is the world’s largest war memorial.

Aireys Inlet and Split Point Lighthouse

Rather like temples in the Far East, lighthouses are dotted along the coast – they charge for tours and entry, which at sometimes as much as AU$20 we didn’t think was worth the money. It can only be a spiral staircase with a light at the top. However, wherever there is a lighthouse there is usually a good view to be had for free, so we try to stop and have a mooch round.

Queenscliffe to Sorrento Ferry

At the end of the Great Ocean Road we head for Queenscliffe to catch the ferry across to the Mornington Peninsular; it’s overcast so we don’t have a clear view and are reminded of our many crossings in Scotland ~ even the weather is similar today!