As we set off for a day trip to the hippy centre of Queensland ~ Kuranda, Matthew is taken ill and we return to the apartment, long story short he ends up in Cairns Emergency Department and within an hour is hooked up to saline/ antibiotic and morphine drips. Blood tests and CT scans reveal little but the drips seem to have helped and he is feeling much better and allowed to leave in early hours of the following morning armed with enough medication to sink a battleship and a CD of the CT scan!

Between us during the two month trip we have had three health incidents two ending up in the ED none of them could have been anticipated or prevented but one thing is clear no matter how fit and healthy you are things do happen ; our one piece of advice then is make sure that you have good medical insurance cover; we didn’t need it for ED but did have to pay for the visit to the GP in Sydney and all of the medication we have been prescribed.

Up date on Matthew ~ Thursday he’s feeling much better and taking it easy; the new Mrs S is looking after him well and she has even learnt how to make a cup of tea!

We are planning to go to the Reef on a boat trip tomorrow………