Got into Sydney on the bus from where we were staying in Randwick about 3 miles from the City. It was drizzling and hot and everyone was rushing around to avoid the rain. We jumped on a ferry to Manly to catch our breath and decide on a plan of action for the rain. At least we could remain dry! In the drizzle and mist we were left underwhelmed by Sydney, the Opera House and the Bridge. Later on in the week with familiarity and the sun above we totally changed our perspective.

Sydney Opera House seemed much smaller than the photos, the Bridge dull and the city hectic. The Queen Elizabeth was in town with a huge banner welcoming the Mardi Gras parade for the same evening (what happened to QEII?).

Walking around the rest of the city to familiarise ourselves; the Circular Quay (can’t be circular, how would the boats get in?), the Rocks with Markets buzzing and lots of things to see and take in. Beer and a burger in Last Volunteer, which like many in the area claimed to the oldest pub in Sydney.

We assumed that the Mardi Gras and parade would kick off in the afternoon – the roads were being shut from 3pm and the crowds were gathering at about 4pm. In any event, we had to wait until 7pm before the action started. There were loads of blokes wandering round in groups with their hairy arses hanging out of their bottomless leather trousers – We didn’t take many pictures.

In the evening we walked back to Randwick past all the locals coming out (no pun intended) to see the festivities at the proper time.