Today we moved into the City and an hotel in Potts Point; a budget hotel in a great location, it’s clean and the staff are friendly and helpful but nothing else to shout home about. Once settled into the hotel we spend a few hours catching up with emails because we have Wi Fi!

Sue & David arrive around 3pm with no time to draw breath we break out the Champagne and have it with the cheeses we have brought from the Hunter Valley. An afternoon spent catching up then we have to get ready for the Opera as we are going to see The Magic Flute.

The guy in the box office and our Airbnb hosts had told us that the Aussies don’t dress up for the Opera so we played it safe and went smart but not OTT; we shouldn’t have worried as it was much as it is at home a real mix from the Glam to the Shorts & Tee brigade. What to say about the performance….other than we left at the interval! The reviews described it as “spectacular, dazzling, engaging…” I’m afraid it left the pair of us cold. Disappointed we grabbed a taxi back to Potts Point and drowned our sorrows in a local restaurant, which was far more entertaining; the restaurant was run by a crew of Sicilians, French, Poms & Aussies who were great fun, with equally delicious food.