Following a recommendation from Kenny and Debbie, next door but one at Le Gabachou, we went to Toulouse for the day. We’d been impressed by Albi and Toulouse seemed like a bigger version, busier and with more to see. With an extensive underground system the best option recommended was to use the Park and Ride, download this document for the locations. The parking was easy to find, free and the metro nearby. We bought a ‘TRIBU 2’ ticket for EUR 5.5 which, provided 12 journeys for the day. With a mime worthy of Una Stubbs on ‘Give us a Clue’, the ticket inspector suggested this was the best option allowing the pair of us to share the ticket passing back to the other as we went through the turnstyles. PS. on your return don’t throw your TRIBU 2 away as it’s needed to get your car out of the parking area. We managed to visit a couple of the tourist sites, wander round the shops and enjoyed a lovely lunch.