(As we write this it’s Saturday, 11:30 pm and it’s 26 degrees, tomorrow is forecast 30 degrees)

Touched down today in  Melbourne; quite strict on what you can bring in but they didn’t seem fazed by our prescription medicines.

Sky Bus fare $18 each from the Airport to Melbourne with free transfer shuttle to our hotel – on the plane they said that the taxi fare would be about $60. Booked into ‘cheap and cheerful’ Ibis Hotel in Therry Street  – very clean with air conditioning and limited free wi-fi. Nice and central for most things. A mooch round to get our bearings and something to eat.

First impression of the city were of lots of very friendly young people – keen to give us advice on what to do where to go; with a few British back packers amongst those we met during a meal and shopping. There seems to be lot’s to do each evening, e.g. free screening of the Winter Olympics in a lively Federation Square tonight. The main housing in the suburbs seems to consist of bungalows with oversized roofs on them. Very clean and a noticeable absence of wind generators, an incongruous church steeple reminds you of the English roots. Like most cities, lots of construction in progress.

Bought a prepaid SIM for $40 giving us 3GB of data plus unlimited national calls for 30 days – we’ll use this where there isn’t wi-fi around. So far, apart from this blog, we’ve read our power bill and checked on the weather back home!