Due to Matthew’s illness we weren’t able to visit all of the places we had planned in Queensland ~ a good excuse to return.

Sunday we took a short drive up the coast to Port Douglas taking an opportunity to do a bit of shopping in the Sunday markets before going onto the Mossman Gorge a lush tropical rainforest with walks and waterfalls.

Mossman Gorge

Entry to the Mossman Falls

Entry to the Mossman Falls

Port Douglas


Monday we boarded the train to Kuranda (34 km / 21 miles) with the return journey on the Skyrail (7.5 km / 4.5 miles). This was considered by Neville, a taxi driver, the best order to do things in. There are two trains going to Kuranda each day, 09:15 and 09:45, and two trains returning later in the afternoon which makes the British railway system appear reasonably efficient. Like quite a few of our trips round these parts a good afternoons work with a chainsaw would improve the views immensely. Several jaw dropping photo opportunities were lost because of trees getting in the way. We’re trying to say that our photos won’t give you a full appreciation of the sights as we went up to Kuranda and returned on the Skyrail. Just before you arrive at Kuranda you can get out at Barron Falls (or Din Din) which, has an accompanying board walk at tree top level. This shouldn’t be missed and was explored by us the previous week.





For the return journey we went on the Skyrail which skims over the rainforest canopy for the 7.5 kms (4.5 miles) back to Cairns. As we went down, a few sharp intakes of breath could be heard emanating from our ‘gondola’ especially as the wind caught us going high over the Barron River. This time we couldn’t blame the trees for our poor photos, they were the main attraction as we saw their full height from this unusual aspect. The journey lasted about 40 minutes. Our strategy with the camera was to blast as many photos as possible and hope that some of them reflected a true sense of  what we were seeing.