On the way out of Ingham we spot the Lees Hotel with Slim Dusty and horse on the roof – legend(?) gives this as the ‘Pub with no beer’ made famous by Slim in his 1957 hit single of the same name. See here for more details.

Now in the Wetlands, the search for Australian sights continues – our path to Wallamall Falls is blocked by a fast flowing stream of water, which if it doesn’t carry the car away, will suffocate the engine.

We turn round and set course for Mount Fox without actually knowing anything about it. After many ups and downs along some interesting roads we conclude that we’ve gone past Mount Fox!

A quick committee meeting is held and we decide to return the way we came and search again. After about 45′ we a sign for the Mount Fox National Park leading us through a gated (two sets of gates actually) road. With no proper road we were slightly nervous. We went as far as we could before being advised to select ‘4 wheel drive’, the only problem being that we had no ‘4 wheel drive’. Madeleine scouted around and found what we agreed must be Mount Fox, a large lump in the distance with a muddy track leading to it. It really seemed not worth any further effort, and so we backtracked towards Ingham.

As we approached Ingham, a thought struck us that the path to Wallaman Falls water might be passable now so we chased again towards the falls. No luck, in fact the water was now higher with other vehicles stopped. Not the best of days for sightseeing.