Hervey Bay and Fraser Island

Our accommodation for two nights is a traditional 30’s house, which we have to ourselves that is 600 metres from the beach.



We have over 70 miles of beach to explore, which are largely empty so it’s easy to get a spot unlike Spanish beaches or even Skegness! We spent the day wandering around the area including a walk along the peer to watch the fishing. It’s great to see families out together catching their lunch and cooking it on the BBQ.


Looking across to Fraser Island from Hervey Bay

Matthew & Sue have ideas for dinner….a quick trip to the local Aldi for a couple of steaks, which they cook on the BBQ.

Flying Foxes

There always seems to be some wildlife around. On a morning run I came across this colony of flying foxes not far from our bungalow. They’re big and don’t seem to have a problem about flying around in daylight. They’re a necessary part of the ecology because they pollinate plants and disperse seeds.