North’s Lookout

An early morning run down a track from Bob and Sue’s (no sign of Ted and Alice?) across a few ridges and streams and again another lookout to see the valley below, no wildlife to report.


Jenolan Caves

We can’t begin to describe these caves and the pictures don’t really do them justice. At the Jenolan Caves there are a choice of about 12 timed tours that you can take at about AUD35 each. Most people seemed to be taking in a couple during their day visit and some had been visiting for a couple of days. We’d had enough after one tour and couldn’t see the point in doing any more – mind you, we were the exception. Like mountain lookouts and lighthouses (& Temples in the Far East!) there is only so much you can show enthusiasm for.


At the start of the holiday somebody was explaining that the large metal and net banding around trees in a park there to stop possums climbing up. Asking what a possum was we were told it was a critter. We didn’t pursue the matter, however today we came across one. At Jenolan Caves one of the women in the café was laughing about a possum that was hiding in a bin and snatching food from customers as they dropped it in. Asking her about possums we were directed further up to where a grape vine covered the eating area, and there nesting looking out for its next meal was …

The animals here do not seem to be in the least afraid of people, from a parrot flying down to join some kids at a table


Later as we left the Jenolan Caves we saw these two at the side of the road – they were totally unfazed by Matthew’s legs!

We ended the day at The Station Inn in Katoomba, a beer or two for Matthew and fizzy water for Madeleine and the most delicious wood fired pizza. Back to the coast for the weekend ~ Nelsons Bay; then heading on up to the Hunter Valley.