About Madeleine & Matthew

We enjoy a relaxed life in rural Nottinghamshire UK; walking, cycling, sailing (in Scotland). We are semi retired; working part time, so with more time we are able to take things easy spending time together doing the things we love, which include exploring new places both here in the UK and abroad, going to the theatre, cinema & live music. Matthew is a keen and active cyclist and runner ~ Madeleine’s keen!

4 thoughts on “About Madeleine & Matthew”

  1. Hellooo 😀
    have such a lovely time and don’t get too burnt!
    just remember to drink lots of water and Matthew don’t eat too much it not good for you in that sort of heat!
    ahaa hope you have enough time to do everything you have planned and it lives up to your high expectations 🙂
    have a really good time and don’t forget the sun cream..
    much love <3

    • Drinking plenty of water & Matthew is living on tomatoes & nuts as for the sun tan lotion you know what he’s like…… crisping up nicely….. xx

  2. Congratulations!!

    Its lovely to hear that you two have finally tied the knot.
    Hope that when/if you return we can celebrate with you.

    Auntie Mads, your wedding photos look stunning and I couldn’t imaging you getting married in any other way to any other man. Now… that does officially mean (barring some finalized paperwork) that you Matthew, are now UNCLE Matthew 🙂 welcome to the crew.

    Lots of love Sinéad xx

    • We had a lovely day and as you hinted it was in a way that reflected who we both are. Looking forward to telling you all about it when we get home. Lots of Love
      Auntie Mads & Uncle Matthew (the paperwork is done!)xxxx

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